Amber Violins offer a safe and expedient alternative to selling at auction and have recently bought

very good quality instruments from retiring professional string players and their families.

We Buy Good or Fine Quality Violins, Violas, Cellos and Bows made before 1940.

We offer immediate payment in advance if you choose to sell to us.

Instruments and bows recently bought, by these makers;
Gagliano, Grancino, Amati, Testore, Vuillaume, Gand, Bernardel, Lott, Betts, Forster, Peccatte, Sartory, Lamy, Voirin and many others.

Send photos and we will reply by email with a well researched market valuation

and may be able to make an offer.



Payment can be made to you immediately in advance by bank transfer or cheque.



Try to recreate the photos shown below, and make sure the pictures are well-focused and taken against a plain, dark coloured background. Do not use flash if possible, daylight is best. Always take pictures straight at the face of an instrument, no artistic shots at an angle. Send full size as an attachment to an email, zip files are not good. Scroll down this page to see examples of photos.

Front View

Your pictures should show the front, pointed straight down at the instrument without the neck and scroll. No artistic angles please.

Back View

Your pictures should show the back, pointed straight down at the instrument without the neck.

Scroll View

Your pictures should show one side of the Scroll in full, straight at the instrument without the neck and body.

Bow Tip

Your pictures should show the Bow Tip, showing the tip of the bow from the side.

Bow Frog

Your pictures should show the bow frog in full, showing the frog of the bow from the side. Include a close up of a name stamp if there is one.


State any Violin Makers name on a label and if possible take a picture by shining a light inside the instrument through the F hole on the other side.

Back measurement.

Please give any details you have on the instrument, including its history and the length of the body of the instrument in millimetres.

Competitive Prices

The costs of auctioneers commission, buyers premium, photography and insurance can add up to over 35% of the auction sale price, the process can take many months. We can make immediate payment and can usually match or better the price that you are likely to receive when selling at an auction.

Postage and Insurance

If you do choose to sell to Amberviolins, your instruments can be sent to us by courier or registered post from anywhere in the world. We pay for specialist insurance that will cover instruments in transit and are often willing to pay you in advance. We will also travel to see collections or higher value items that are for sale.