Auction Terms and Conditions:

Buyer’s Premium - 20% of the hammer price.
The total price you will pay for a lot is the Auction End Price + 20% Buyer’s Premium; this constitutes the selling price for all tax purposes.

Notice to buyers in The United Kingdom.  VAT rules have changed on January 1st 2021. 

Because many lots are imported to UK the margin scheme for VAT can no longer be applied, buyers in the UK will be charged 20% VAT on invoice total, buyers outside UK are unaffected.

For buyers outside the UK, no VAT is payable but there may be tax due when the goods are imported into your country.

Buyers/Receivers are responsible for any import documentation.

Clients in the USA are advised to use Declaration form 505 to satisfy the Lacey Act requirements for importing vintage musical instruments manufactured prior to May 22nd 2008 (see for more details).

A blank form 505 with instructions and a guidance example can be provided on request. Please ensure you use the latest form version.

CITES Regulations.
Good News! In November 2019 the restriction on moving Rosewood in musical instruments accross borders was lifted. This means we no longer remove Rosewood pegs etc from shipments which do not have a CITES certificate. Ivory and Tortoise shell are still affected.

Amber Violins will remove these materials from items to be shipped outside the EU, unless the BUYER is able to obtain the correct CITES certification. Amber Violins will assist in this process but may charge if the process becomes very time consuming.

Please see the information from a U S publication in the link below:

Reserves and Estimated Prices - There are no reserves in this auction, if you bid the starting price you may win the auction.

Payment in British Pounds or Euros
Payment in G.B. pounds or Euros can be made by Wire Transfer, ( We no longer take Debit or Credit Cards ). Payment instructions are sent with your invoice by email.
Invoices will be quoted in GB Pounds and also in Euros at a rate based on the bank of England exchange rate for the day of invoicing. This should be advantageous to customers who work in the Euro currency. There are two different sets of bank account details for transfer payments in pounds or Euros.  Payment is due within 7 days of the Auction.

Shipping at very low-cost.
We only charge for shipping one violin, viola or bow - even if you buy ten! We do all of the packing and shipping ourselves and are highly experienced and reliable – we’ve never lost an instrument in consignment. Instruments will be sent within five days of receiving payment.

Our Shipping Prices
Price for one Violin, Viola or Bow:
UK: £35
EU: £150
Rest of World: £190
Additional Violins, Violas and Bows are sent free of charge, so ten would cost the same as one.

Prices for each Cello in a re-usable case, in a box, bridge and post removed;
UK: £180
EU: £480
Rest of World: £600

If you would prefer not to use our packing and shipping service we recommend Pack and Send from Oxford, England who will collect from us within three days of receipt of payment and provide professional packing and worldwide shipping.

You can contact them here: email

Bidding and bid extensions

We would advise you to bid well in advance of the end of the sale to avoid possible problems with internet connections and hardware!

The auction software will place bids by proxy bidding in single bid increments to your maximum proxy bid, so once you have entered your maximum bid there is no need to be at your computer while the auction is coming to an end, the software will bid for you. Only you can see your proxy bid maximum.

The winning bid will be just one bid above the highest competing bid, similar to eBay.

We can also accept bids by telephone before the sale. Call 0044 (0)7767 833836.

Each auction will be extended for five minutes if a new bid is placed within five minutes of the auction end, so there is no advantage in bidding in the last few seconds.

Condition reports
Amberviolins carefully examine each lot and point out condition issues which are likely to be significant to the buyer. We do assume a certain amount of knowledge on the part of the buyer as this is a specialist instrument auction, not a retail shop. Customers must notify Amberviolins of any faults within one calendar month of the auction.

We do not do internal examinations of instruments and can not be responsible for condition issues which are not visible on the outside. We expect buyers to make allowances for the age of instruments, and the wear and tear they naturally will have sustained.

Catalogue Terminology
Labels do not necessarily confirm that the instrument is sold as made by that maker, labels and brands can be misleading.

Only if our description states an instrument is “by” a certain maker, is it our firm opinion that it was made by that maker or his/her assistants and was originally sold as “by” that maker, and we guarantee its authenticity. Customers must notify Amberviolins of any question of authenticity within one calendar month of the auction.

Please only bid if you intend to buy. Payment is due within seven days of the invoice date. Buyers who do not complete will be excluded from future auctions.