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1Viola C1900. 385mm.100010002021-04-20 15:02:00
2Small Violin, Mirecourt C1925, 348mm.7007002021-04-20 15:04:00
3Violin, Mirecourt C1925.7007002021-04-20 15:06:00
4Violin, Interesting Early 19th C.6006002021-04-20 15:08:00
5Violin Labelled Rene Cune, Mirecourt C1930.130013002021-04-20 15:10:00
6Violin By Charles Bailly, Mirecourt C1920.180018002021-04-20 15:12:00
7Violin, J Thibouville-Lamy C1900.2502502021-04-20 15:14:00
8Violin, Caussin Style, Mirecourt C1920.6006002021-04-20 15:16:00
9Violin, With Signature - Brazil 1914.9009002021-04-20 15:18:00
10Violin, French C1900.150015002021-04-20 15:20:00
11Violin, German/Bohemian C 1925.7007002021-04-20 15:22:00
12Violin, Mirecourt C1930.4504502021-04-20 15:24:00
13Violin By Ch. J. B Collin-Mezin, Mirecourt 1941.150015002021-04-20 15:26:00
14Violin, French C1910.3003002021-04-20 15:28:00
15Violin By William Dobbie, Glasgow 1902.7007002021-04-20 15:30:00
16Violin, Paris Or Mirecourt C1910.200020002021-04-20 15:32:00
17Violin, Mittenwald C1900.2502502021-04-20 15:34:00
18Violin By Amedee Dieudonne, Mirecourt 1924.180018002021-04-20 15:36:00
19Violin, Mittenwald C1900.2502502021-04-20 15:38:00
20Violin, Paris 1906 Labelled C S C Michel.240024002021-04-20 15:40:00
21Violin, Germany C1900.6006002021-04-20 15:42:00
22Violin By J B Colin, Mirecourt C1900.140014002021-04-20 15:44:00
23Violin By A C Lancaster Colne, 1901. (Copy)5005002021-04-20 15:46:00
24Violin, M couturieux Atelier C 1920.6006002021-04-20 15:48:00
25Violin, Mirecourt C1860 Branded Remy.5005002021-04-20 15:50:00
26Violin, Chipot-Vuillaume Atelier, Mirecourt C1910.150015002021-04-20 15:52:00
27Violin C1800 In Need Of Work.4004002021-04-20 15:54:00
28Violin, Mirecourt 1921 Labelled Paolo Giacomelli.7007002021-04-20 15:56:00
29Violin, French Labelled George Apperut 1934.120012002021-04-20 15:58:00
30Violin, Mirecourt C1930.2002002021-04-20 16:00:00
31Violin, M Couturieux Atelier C 1920.5005002021-04-20 16:00:00
32Violin, By Amedee Dieudonne, Mirecourt C1936.130013002021-04-20 16:04:00
33Violin, German C1910.3503502021-04-20 16:06:00
34Violin, Probably Mennesson Atelier, Mirecourt C1890.150015002021-04-20 16:08:00
35Violin, Mid 18th C.160016002021-04-20 16:10:00
36Violin By Ch J B Collin-Mezin, Mirecourt 1907.170017002021-04-20 16:12:00
37Violin, J Didelot Atelier, Mirecourt C1930.6006002021-04-20 16:14:00
38Violin, Emile Blondelet Atelier For J Thibouville-Lamy, Mirecourt 1923.110011002021-04-20 16:16:00
39Violin, English Late 18th C.4004002021-04-20 16:18:00
40Violin, Labelled And Probably By Dohammais & Germain, Paris 1887.130013002021-04-20 16:20:00
41Violin, Leon Mougenot Atelier, Mirecourt 1928.150015002021-04-20 16:22:00
42Violin By Gustave Villaume, Nancy 1926.180018002021-04-20 16:24:00
43Violin, Collin-Mezin Atelier, Mirecourt 1922.5005002021-04-20 16:26:00
44Violin C1903 Labelled Giasone Tommassucci, Roma 1903.100010002021-04-20 16:28:00
45Violin, Caussin Atelier C1875.140014002021-04-20 16:30:00
46Violin By Ch J B Collin-Mezin, Mirecourt 1934.180018002021-04-20 16:32:00
47Violin, Steiner Copy, late 18th C.160016002021-04-20 16:34:00
48Violin By Leon Mougenot, Mirecourt 1926.180018002021-04-20 16:36:00
49Violin, Derazey School, Mirecourt C1890.200020002021-04-20 16:38:00
50Violin By Amedee Dieudonne, Mirecourt 1935.140014002021-04-20 16:40:00
51Violin, German C1920.3503502021-04-20 16:42:00
52Violin By J Thibouville-Lamy C1925.4004002021-04-20 16:44:00
53Violin By Ch J B Collin-Mezin, 1928.160016002021-04-20 16:46:00
54Violin, Bohemian C1920 Labelled M Sandner.8008002021-04-20 16:48:00
55Violin, Couisnon Atelier, Mirecourt C1930.130013002021-04-20 16:50:00
56Violin By Amedee Dieudonne 1922.150015002021-04-20 16:52:00
57Violin C1950 Labelled Ruzicka.8008002021-04-20 16:54:00
58Violin, Interesting Early 18th C.250025002021-04-20 16:56:00
59Violin By J Thibouville-Lamy C1910.6006002021-04-20 16:58:00
60Violin Probably By Augusto Liorni, Rome 1904.250025002021-04-20 17:00:00
61Violin Probably J B Collin-Mezin 2 C1910.120012002021-04-20 17:02:00
62Violin Labelled Berthold Karner, Mittenwald 1750.180018002021-04-20 17:04:00
63Violin By Ch J B Collin-Mezin Pere, 1885.300030002021-04-20 17:06:00
64Cello Bow Branded Adam C1900.2002002021-04-20 17:10:00
65Cello Bow, English Early 20th C.4004002021-04-20 17:10:00
66Violin Bow. Early 20th C.3003002021-04-20 17:12:00
67Violin Bow By Otto Schuller, Mid 20th C..3503502021-04-20 17:14:00
68Violin Bow By Marc Labert C1920.130013002021-04-20 17:16:00
69Cello Bow, Bazin Atelier C1920.8008002021-04-20 17:18:00
70Violin Bow, German C1920.3003002021-04-20 17:20:00
71Violin Bow, Probably English, 19th C.4004002021-04-20 17:22:00
72Violin Bow, French C1910.4004002021-04-20 17:24:00
73Violin Bow By C N Bazin C1880.160016002021-04-20 17:26:00
74Violin Bow By J Thibouville-Lamy C1920.8008002021-04-20 17:28:00