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Amberviolins is an Auction website dedicated to the purchase and sale of old stringed instruments and bows. We do not sell any new instruments. Matthew Gryspeerdt created Amberviolins in 2012, following many years as a worldwide fine string instrument dealer and consultant. As Amberviolins continues to grow, we now have a small busy team.

How Does Amberviolins work?

You will need to create an Account with Amberviolins if you wish to bid on an instrument or bow. You can simply create an account on our website and get started here

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The Online Catalogue

Many of our buyers work entirely from a desktop computer and do not feel the need to travel great distances to view our sales because the photographs are high quality and the condition reports are reliable, thorough and honest.

With each detailed lot description, there are at least twenty close up images of each instrument, giving all relevant views in good detail. Instruments are delivered to your door anywhere in the world within a few days of payment.

Auction Viewing

For some of our larger auctions, we hold informal viewing events at venues in Central London.

Internet Search Engines

Most instruments which have been sold by Amberviolins will not appear in any detail – no photos, no prices etc… - when the instrument makers name is entered into Google or other Search Engines. This has obvious advantages for customers who plan to sell instruments on after buying from us.

How do I know an Instrument is as described?

Amberviolins guarantees authenticity and strive to give as thorough a description and condition report as possible. We operate a 100% satisfaction guarantee with regards to this and will give a full refund if instruments are found inaccurately described– including (but not limited to) the instrument’s condition, authenticity and dimensions.


We will give a full refund if instruments inaccurately described – this includes condition, authenticity and dimensions. Customers must notify Amberviolins of any faults within one calendar month of the auction. Please contact us for further information or for any enquiry.

How are Shipping Costs Calculated?

Amberviolins takes full responsibility for all packing and shipping. Instruments are shipped via Parcel Force within the EU and a recognised international carrier to the rest of the world.

Shipping Costs are only incurred on the first purchase of a violin, viola or bow – if you buy several instruments, you will only need to pay for one.

Buyers outside of the EU may have to pay import tax and duty upon receipt of the instrument subject to the laws of their own county of residence.

We will supply antique declarations with shipping documents where relevant.

Shipping Prices for Violins, Violas and Bows:

UK: £35

EU: £80

Rest of World: £130*

Additional violins, violas and bows are sent free of charge so the cost is the same for one instrument or many instruments.

Shipping Prices for each Cello:

Packed in a purpose made wooden box.

UK: £180

EU: £400

Rest of World: £500*

*Due to logistical reasons, we regret that we are currently unable to ship to Brazil or Russia. The buyer must arrange a shipping agent or alternative delivery locations.

Selling Your Musical Instruments

If you wish to sell your Violin, Viola, Cello or Bow to Amberviolins, please send pictures and a description to us and you will receive an appraisal and possibly an offer for immediate payment.

For more information, please visit our guide to Selling Violins and other Musical Instruments.

Please visit our complete Terms and Conditions guide for full details.