Specialist ONLINE VIOLIN Auctions

Auction Catalogue is NOW ONLINE, bidding starting on Tuesday September the 1st 12pm. and ends on September 16th, lot 1 at 3pm, with a four-day viewing at the The Grange, Warwick Road, Ealing West London, W5 3XH.

More details here.

  • Violin by Richard Duke 1776.
  • Viola by Albert Claudot, Dijon 1970. 411mm
  • Cello by J. B. Collin-Mezin 1. 1902
  • Honore Derazey, Violin 1830
  • Albert Knorr Violin. 1950

New For November.

We will be taking in higher value instruments for sale on consignment, until now every thing sold has been the property of Amberviolins.

Instruments wanted for immediate purchase and settlement. Also for consignment to our November 2nd auction sale.

Please enquire about selling on consignment, no commission charged to the seller.

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