Specialist ONLINE Violin Auctions

Instruments wanted for immediate purchase and settlement.

The June Auction is now finished and has been succesful. Our next event will be an auction on September 17th, with a four-day viewing in Ealing, west London.

This will be a relaxed affair where musicians and dealers can try instruments in relative peace and quiet. The venue is well-connected with easy parking and a tube station nearby.

There will be about 120 lots of violins, Violas, Cellos and Bows, many of which will be set up and playable. More details to be announced soon.

  • Cello by J. B. Collin-Mezin 1. 1902
  • Honore Derazey, Violin 1830
  • Claudio Gamberini Bolognia. Violin C1930
  • Albert Knorr Violin. 1950

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