Specialist ONLINE VIOLIN Auctions

Next auction, November 2nd at 3pm.

Viewing in London.
From Monday 26th October until Friday 30th October at The ISM, Inverness Mews, Bayswater W2 3JQ.
Then Saturday 31st October until Monday 2nd November at The Westbury Hotel, New Bond St, Mayfair.

Violions by G. Chanot 1, Silvio Tua, Guersin, Monzino, Gamberini, Giachetti, Mattio Bruni, Orfeo Carletti, Pirot, Poirson, Audinot, Collin-Mezin 1&2, Defat, Resuche, W E Hill workshop etc.

Violas by Otello Bignami, Francois Vial etc.

Cellos by Audinot-Muerot, Collin-Mezin 1, Richard Duke, Lockey Hill, John Betts, Perry and Wilkinson etc.

Bows by E Sartory, J A Lamy, L Bazin, C Bazin, W E Hill & Son, J Tubbs, J Fetique, A Vigneron, E Ouchrd, F Lotte, L Morizot etc.

New For November.

We will be taking in higher value instruments for sale on consignment, until now every thing sold has been the property of Amberviolins.

Instruments wanted for immediate purchase and settlement. Also for consignment to our November 2nd auction sale.

Please enquire about selling on consignment, no commission charged to the seller.

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  • Cello by J. B. Collin-Mezin 1. 1902