We supply good quality old instruments and bows at wholesale prices from the online catologue which is open to buy from at any time, and from online auction sales which are run every three or four months.
Most of our customers are violin dealers and restorers throughout the world.
Instruments in the every day catologue are offered at values similar to those achieved at auction. One advantage of buying from Amberviolins is that there is no public archive of instruments sold and the prices paid, your items of stock cannot be traced.

Auction Sales 2014.
There are two more auctions scheduled for this year, the next one will take place in late September, this will be for instruments valued between £400 to £2500. The second will be for higher value instruments with a viewing at the Westbury Hotel, Mayfair on October the 26th and 27th, the sale ends on Tuesday Oct0ber 28th.
These sales are open to all buyers.
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