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The Online auction of October 28th was well supported with many returning customers from South East Asia, The U.S.A., New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

I am happy to say that all instruments which had been paid for were shipped out within one week of the sale end and we have had good feedback and compliments about good personal service. We continued to sell from this catalogue for a further month. My wife Amanda and I do all the invoicing, packing and shipping so if there were ever a problem, the customer can easily speak directly to the person responsible.

Auction Sales 2015.

The next sale will be on January 22nd 2015 for speculative, trade and restorable instruments up to about £2000. There will be a sale for more expensive instruments on March 29th in the evening, with a viewing in London on 28th and 29th.

We supply good quality old instruments and bows in our online auction sales, unsold lots can are offered at the reserve price for about one month after each auction sale.

Most of our customers are violin shop owners and dealers throughout the world. Anyone can buy at our auction sales.
One advantage of buying from Amberviolins is that there is no public archive of instruments sold and the prices paid, your items of stock cannot be traced.

Below you will see some of the instruments to be offered in the March auction sale.